Conveniently Located Thrifty Car Rental Sites

Thrifty Convenient Car Rental Location across: United States

You’ll find a great rate on a great car rental at more than 300 conveniently located Thrifty car rental sites throughout the United States, including many at or near major airports.

North, South, East, West. No matter where you’re headed in the U.S., Thrifty’s got a great rate on a great rental car. Even the Midwest, Northeast, South…well, you get the point. Great rates on great rental cars in great places. That’s Thrifty.

Thrifty Rent-A-Car System, Inc.

User Friendly Search Code

Enter the city or airport code to find a Thrifty rental car location nearest your destination. With so many great locations across the United States – and FREE pick-up – it’s easy to find a great rate on a great rental car wherever you’re going!

Our Best Rental Car Rates, Guaranteed

When it comes to car selection, Thrifty’s got everything from S, M, L…even SUV. Rental cars for every occasion, like minivans for vacations, ragtops for weekend getaways or economy models for extra spending money. Great rental cars at great rates. That’s Thrifty.

Luxury cars, convertibles, minivans and everything in-between

Thrifty is a value-oriented car rental company that has a significant presence both in the airport and local car rental markets, a marked difference from many of its major competitors who focus almost exclusively on the airport market. In the U.S., approximately 80% of its business is focused on the airport market, 20% in the local market.

Thrifty Rent-A-Car System, Inc. Click Here On Banner!

Lowest Price Guarantee. See for full details.

Save 5% at Thrifty Car Rental on your travel reservations! Enter Promo code AU11.

Thrifty is one of the most widely recognized brands in the travel industry which caters to cost-conscious business and leisure travelers.

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